Welcome To Ordnance Developments

Ordnance Developments Limited (ODL) is an experienced manufacturer of training and special purpose ammunition for military and law enforcement.

Specialist technical knowledge is gained from many years supplying and working along side Miltary and Law enforncement agencies around the world. Technical cooperation links are well developed with partners who are leaders in specific areas of ammunition technology.

ODL is located in the attractive and historical coastal city of Wanganui, New Zealand – a city known for specialist manufacturing and primary industry processing.



MIL-SPEC documentation, specification and standards are normal to trade for ODL in all aspects of product procurement, manufacture and delivery. To maintain our high standards and look for current best practice, ODL is certified by Telarc ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.

 ordnance development

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As a specialist manufacturer of training blank and frangible ammunition in 5.56mm, 7.62mm, 9mm and 50 cal. A range of Ordnance Services are undertaken by ODL including high speed linking, supply of NATO and U.S.Mil-spec links, inspection and packing of ammunition stores and reworking and De-Mil of surplus munitions.


What we do best

ODL is always looking to implement techniques and/or product attributes that enhance customer satisfaction while maintaining a competitive edge and providing a cost effective solution. One feature of our training ammunition that ODL adopted early was colour differentiation of our training ammunition. This assists in detection of ball and blank contamination.

An in-house laboratory and sophisticated test range for ballistics and weapon function are part of the tool-kit that we use to audit quality and test product enhancements. 

Exacting methodologies are in place by the team at ODL and we understand what is required to get a product to perform within demanding tolerances as specified by the customer.

Our Customers

ODL supplies multiple calibres to a number of military and law enforcement groups globally each year.

Over a quarter of a century of doing business on national and international levels within the training and special purpose ammunition industry, Ordnance Developments Limited (ODL) knows that satisfied customers are the only true measure of delivered quality. This starts right from procurement of raw materials and encompasses the manufacturing process through to storage and delivery of finished product.

A wealth of technical knowledge has been built up by ODL over the past 25 + years. A dedication to the ammunition industry. Through clear and ongoing communication with customers, ODL is able to use extensive knowledge to improve the customer experience and provide additional value through our testing regime, innovations and product insight.